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About us
There are as many views of the world as there are people. There are many worlds. Big and small, visible and invisible.

LIFE. We live in an open world. Some people like bright city lights, while others prefer stars in the sky. Life is running its never-ending errands. The world is still revolving, but do we know who we are, where we are going and how to get there?

IDEAS. A good idea created by one person belongs to everyone. Since this is the way that life develops. Sometimes it seems that we are out of ideas and the world is about to collapse. Then we all need good advice. Several heads are better than one.

MEANING OF LIFE. Every person and every organization has moments when they need to check their direction. To return to basics and come up with a new meaning of life. The world supports people and organizations in search of good ideas and messages and in making them a reality.

We are your World. Literally, because in the Estonian language, 'Maailm' means 'World'.